In our stores you can choose from the following options:

Frozen Yogurt ( Froyo ) Sold by Weight with your choice of any topping and syrups either self serve or made for you depending on the location.

Ice Cream - Sold by weight with your choice of any of our toppings & syrups OR in a cone. We featuring brands such as Gunther's Ice Cream and we always carry the signature flavors, cookies & cream, mint chip, & birthday cake.

MilkShakes - Have us whip together an amazing thick and tasty hand spun milkshake with any of our ice cream or yogurt flavors. We can also mix in additional toppings to blend together a crazy creation for your enjoyment.

Shave Ice - Refreshing on a hot day & bringing back memories, most of our syrups are imported from Hawaii with go to favorites like Tiger's Blood and Blue Raspberry.